The company has established the quality control system strictly according to the ISO9001 standards, and has obtained the certificate through the verification of the certification center. All departments strictly carry out the quality requirements according to the quality manual, production process and so on, we focus on each process with quality responsibility and high efficiency.


The production task sheet will be prepared after reviewing the contract, and the technical department offer the detailed drawings to make clear all the technical requirements of the forging product according to the contract, making the plan of the cutting process, forging process and heat treatment process according to the material and performance requirements, and execute it as the requirements.

Quality control and verification of raw materials

Recheck the material, include the size, the surface quality, the mark (mainly refer to material, the heat number), then to do the integrated inspection and provide the testing report.

Quality control of produce process

The inspector inspects every step of the procedures. The qualified product will be allowed to send to next process according to the process flow card signed by the inspector. The unqualified product will be disposed according to the quality control procedure of the unqualified products.

1.Sawing and cutting: sawing and cutting the qualified materials strictly according to the task list , and making inspection records.

2.Heating : products with different materials and different heat numbers cannot be heated in the same furnace.

3.Forging: operators forge the products according to drawings, and control the temperature using infrared thermometer during forging process.

4. Heat treatment: periodically check the thermocouple and thermometer. The heating rate, holding temperature and holding time should be strictly made according to the technological parameters and cooling requirements.

5. Machining: start the mass production after passing inspection according to the drawings. The inspector inspect and random inspect during the produce process.

6. Inspection before packaging: the inspector inspect the product size, surface quality and logo on the drawings strictly according to the drawings, and then retest the product to avoid confusion.


(1)stamping: after inspection, the inspector stamp the marks on the qualified forgings according to the production task sheet, make sure the marks are clear and neat.

(2) Rust prevention treatment: according to customer’s requirements (oil, spray paint etc.), the packaging inspectors carry out the first inspection, random inspection, process inspection for the rust treatment and surface quality according to the requirements. The qualified products will be packed into wooden box, and the unqualified products need to be produced again.

Quality control of unqualified products

For the unqualified products, the inspectors shall identify and segregate them from the qualified products, and pass them to authorized person by the unqualified products control sheets,

ensure that the unqualified products are identified and controlled to prevent their unintended use or delivery.