Causes and solutions for forging die forgings

2020-10-22 17:56:30 91

There are many reasons for the forging die rupture, so let's take a look.

1, the module's streamline position is incorrectly arranged

Solution: 1. The module that is required to supply indicates the direction of the streamline; 2. As far as possible, ensure that the flow direction of the metal is consistent with the direction of the streamline of the module.

2, the forging mold preheating temperature is uneven and not enough, especially in cold weather

Solution: Pre-heating forging die before forging should make the temperature uniform and the temperature should be controlled within the range of 200~350 °C.

3. The swallowtail of the forging die is in poor contact with the corresponding part of the hammer or die holder.

Solution: 1. In actual production, the dovetail base of the hammer head and the mold base should be repaired regularly; 2. Check the matching height and rounded corner of the dovetail part according to the regulations to maintain good contact.

4, poor equipment accuracy

Solution: Trim the parallelism of the hammer head and the base and the clearance of the guide rail to maintain the accuracy of the technical requirements of the hammer.

5, the radius of the die fillet is too small or has a narrow and deep groove

Solution: 1. Take a sufficiently large fillet radius according to the standard; 2. Try to avoid this shape when designing the forging diagram.

6, mold processing residual knife marks

Solution: Finely machine the forging die according to technical requirements.

7. Forging billet temperature is too low

Solution: Control the initial forging temperature and never forge a blank below the final forging temperature.

8, the mold surface strongly hit each other

Solution: Be careful not to blow the mold.

9. Improper heat treatment of the forging die

Solution: Actual correct heat treatment specifications should pay attention to aging cracks.

10, improper use of lubricants

Solution: Avoid using explosive lubricants.

The above is the reason for the forging die forging and the corresponding solution.

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