Advantages of six-sided forging

2020-10-22 17:29:49 29

        Six-face forging processing refers to the joint forging process of three-way upsetting and lengthening. Each time there must be a certain forging ratio, the eutectic carbides can be gradually changed into irregular uniform distribution or close to uniform distribution. Single-direction lengthening is a common method used in actual production in forging processing. The carbides distributed in the mesh pile are forged into a belt-like stacking distribution, and the carbides are also shredded. Such a forging process is feasible for long-axis forgings, but For the mold, significant anisotropy occurs when pulled in one direction. Large mold blanks are sometimes reasonably forged, but their central organization is still difficult to achieve significant improvements.

       The carbides of the six-face forging process still have more or less directional distribution. Therefore, it is necessary to consider that the long side of the die should be consistent with the rolling direction in order to fully utilize its high longitudinal properties and carbide distribution. A relatively uniform outer portion of the metal, and the hole type and the large wear portion should avoid the center portion of the poor quality of the blank as much as possible because the carbide at the place is not easily homogenized.

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