New method of trimming for forging

2020-10-22 17:39:39 30

       The trimming of the forged hot forgings is carried out in a free state. That is, no pre-stress is applied to the entire trimming process. In the process of separating the forging body from the flash, it is inevitably affected by bending, stretching and other factors, resulting in deformation of the forging, which will have a serious impact on the subsequent process of the forging and directly affect the precision of the forging. Under normal circumstances A process that adds post-correction (including thermal or cold correction) is used to eliminate distortion during the trimming process.

       The clamping technology is a new hot forging trimming technology. Compared with the ordinary trimming technology, the main difference is that the technology exerts a certain pressure on the forging body or the forging flash in the whole trimming process. It is used to eliminate or control the bending and stretching phenomenon of the forging due to the deformation of the force during the trimming process.

       The technology can economically improve the precision of forgings, reduce the cost of products, enhance the market competitiveness of products, can save the investment of thermal calibration equipment and molds, reduce energy consumption and labor costs, especially for some batches and easy The application of the clamping process technology on the modified hot forging part can exert a large technical application advantage.

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