The significance of heat treatment process for forging and forging

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       It is also difficult to use physical testing methods. The temperature field can be measured dynamically. It is necessary to drill holes in the forgings and bury the thermocouple. Although the temperature change process can be measured, there are only a few points and the forgings are damaged. The tissue state and stress distribution are only the values on the surface after the cold to room temperature, and the forgings need to be dissected if the internal distribution is sought. Measurement of tissue state and stress strain is not possible during heat treatment. In doing so, manpower, material resources, and financial resources are expensive, and the results are still very limited.

       Since the 1970s, with the development of computer and computing technology, forging processing has made it possible to solve the coupling of temperature field, tissue field and stress field in the heat treatment process. Using computer-coupled solution, we can give quantitative data of the whole field distribution of temperature, organization and stress at each moment. We can study the law of various field changes and its relationship with process parameters. This method of using computer numerical calculations to give quantitative information at any instant in a process and the law of variation over time is called numerical simulation or computer simulation.

       The numerical simulation technology is very obvious when the economic experiment is more economical and the efficiency is higher. Calculate a heat treatment process on a 386 or 486 type microcomputer, ranging from ten minutes to dozens of minutes. The cost is only tens to hundreds of dollars, and a comprehensive and large amount of information can be obtained. It can be said that the heat treatment process is reproduced. .

       Of course, computers are not omnipotent. To effectively and accurately simulate physical processes, we must first have an in-depth understanding of the physical processes and establish scientific mathematical simulations. Secondly, the parameters selected in the calculations are accurate, and then there must be a good algorithm. The important thing is the establishment of mathematical simulation. Therefore, like the complicated problem of simulating the heat treatment process, there are still many problems to be solved, and many research work needs to be done. Because numerical simulation has its remarkable superiority, it has been paid attention to at home and abroad, and it has developed rapidly and is still in the ascendant. In particular, China has some gaps in the production of forgings in terms of variety, quality and cost, and cannot meet the needs of national economic development. When developing new products and new processes, the use of numerical simulation technology can greatly save development costs and greatly shorten the development cycle. Therefore, the development and promotion of computer simulation technology is even more important.

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