Production Safety of Large Ring Forging

2020-10-22 17:55:59 95

What are the precautions for the safety production of large ring forging factories? The following article mainly summarizes the production safety of large ring forgings, I hope you can learn about it.

First of all, it is strictly forbidden to clean the oxide skin on the anvil surface directly with hands or feet. When blowing the oxide skin with compressed air, the opposite side should not stand in.

It is strictly forbidden to put any part of the body under the hammer before the hammer stops. The power source should be cut off when replacing the moulds, dies or when the hammer and forgings stick to the forging die, and the work can be carried out only after the support is added. It is strictly forbidden to forge billets that have been burnt or lower than the final forging temperature in order to avoid cracking and flying out to injure people.

And hot forgings or tools should not be placed on the passage. Ring forgings should be placed at designated locations and should not be stacked too high. Before the forger starts to work, he must wear the prescribed labor protective articles and wear them according to the prescribed standards.

Check the safety and reliability of electromechanical equipment, dies, tools, auxiliary facilities and hydraulic pipelines before work, and lubricate the equipment, otherwise it is not allowed to use.

Hammers, hammers, dies and tools should be preheated and inspected before the forging plant works. It is strictly forbidden to throw materials in long distance, to throw materials in short distance with protective baffles, and to throw ring forgings blanks from the sidewalk. For large ring forgings, clamps must be used and transported by cranes. Manual forging is carried out on anvil by means of hand forging tool, which relies on manpower and has a high labor intensity. So pay special attention.

Above is what this article mainly tells you about, hoping to be helpful to you. I also hope you can pay more attention to safety.

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