• Brief description of forging heat utilization

    A large number of application examples show that by reasonably controlling the cooling parameters after forging forming, the microstructure and properties of the forgings after the heat treatment of t

    2019-03-11 36

  • Flange chemical industry application standard system

    Common standards for flanges in the chemical industry application standard systemHG20592~20605 Steel pipe flange (European system)HG20615~20626 Steel Pipe Flange (American System)HG20606~20612 Gas Pip

    2019-03-11 22

  • Performance analysis of forged butt-welded flanges

    In the current industrial production field, forged flanges are believed to be unfamiliar to most people, because forged flange products are very effective in applications, without leakage and pipe blo

    2019-03-11 18

  • What is the forging process?


    2019-03-11 18

  • Manufacture of large forgings

    The traditional manufacturing method of large forgings is to use large steel ingots for blanking and free forging. However, with the continuous development of major equipment, the requirements for lar

    2019-03-11 14

  • Inspection method of forgings


    2018-06-12 YXS 46

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