• Introduction of the rim tread shape of wheel forgings

    A contour formed by the rim and the tread on a radial section of the wheel forging. The choice of the rim and tread shape of the wheel forging not only affects the wear and service life of the wheel f

    2019-03-21 16

  • Quenching cracks of forgings and countermeasures

    Among the factors causing cracks in forgings, cracks due to quenching account for the vast majority of forgings. The quenching crack mainly occurs in the late stage of quenching and cooling. At this t

    2019-03-19 20

  • Quenching process for forged wheels

    The length of quenching is one of the important factors affecting the mechanical properties and dynamic load strength of forged wheels. In order to achieve surface hardening of the wheel with high mec

    2019-03-19 30

  • Friction and characteristics of plastic forming of wheel forgings

    Preparations for forging wheel forgings include raw material selection, material calculation, blanking, heating, calculation of deformation force, selection of equipment, and design of molds. Lubricat

    2019-03-19 21

  • How to prevent the crane wheel forgings from burning

    Today, let's take a look at the crane wheel forgings if it has a burnt condition, what harm it has, and its preventive measures.When the steel material is heated to near the melting point, not onl

    2019-03-19 14

  • Carbon steel flange cleaning problem

    Carbon steel flanges tend to have cleaning problems after heat treatment and tempering. Due to the unreasonable stacking of the fasteners, the residual lye on the surface, surface rust and alkali burn

    2019-03-19 22

  • What are the quality inspections and requirements for induction hardened forgings?

    (1) Visual inspection of the quenched surfaceCheck the forging surface for cracks, rust, electric shock, local melting, check whether the distribution of the quenching area is appropriate, and whether

    2019-03-18 11

  • What are the unconventional heat treatments for forgings?

    The forgings adopt an unconventional heat treatment process, which overcomes the different time characteristics of the internal and external microstructure transformation of the forgings, reduces the

    2019-03-18 14