• Forgings are classified according to accuracy

    Most of the aviation forgings are die forgings. According to the size and size of the die forgings can be divided into: rough forgings, ordinary die forgings, semi-precision forgings and precision for

    2019-03-16 20

  • Types and selection of chemical heat treatment for large forgings

    The chemical heat treatment of large forgings is a heat treatment process in which a suitable element is infiltrated into the surface of the steel at a certain temperature in a different active medium

    2019-03-16 27

  • How do large forgings be surface hardened?

    First, the hardness check       Large forgings are usually quenched by a portable Shore hardness tester or with a digital display hardness tester, as these two hardness testers can

    2019-03-15 29

  • Mechanical design taboo

    Structural design to increase strength and stiffness1. Avoid too far between the force point and the support point2. Avoid cantilever structure or reduce cantilever length3. Do not ignore the benefici

    2019-03-15 18

  • Tolerance and fit with 67 knowledge points

    1. What is called tolerance?A: Allowing variations in part size and geometry parameters is called tolerance.2. What is called size?A: A number that represents the length value in a specific unit.3. Wh

    2019-03-15 26

  • Main application knowledge of ultra high power electric arc furnace

    The ultra-high power electric arc furnace mainly uses an electric arc to heat and melt the scrap steel. By arc is meant a form of discharge between a cathode and an anode that produces ions characteri

    2019-03-15 13

  • Purpose and method of forging cooling

    Effect of post-forging cooling on forgingsThe process of cooling a forging from the final forging temperature to room temperature is called post-forging cooling. Improper selection of the post-forging

    2019-03-15 16

  • Thermoplastic deformation mechanism of metal forgings

    The metal deformation mechanism of metal forgings mainly includes: intragranular slip and twinning, grain boundary slip and diffusive creep. Among them, intragranular slip is the most important and co

    2019-03-14 16