Large forging shaft

The shaft is a cylindrical object worn in the middle of the bearing or in the middle of the wheel or in the middle of the gear, but a small part is square. The shaft is a mechanical part that supports rotating parts and rotates together to transmit motion, torque or bending moment. Generally, they are metal rods, and each section can have different diameters. Parts of a machine that do gyration motion are mounted on the shaft.

  • Inspection: Ultrasonic Testing
  • Metallographic test: Conformity
  • Forgings mechanical property: Conformity
  • Forgings spectrum detection: Conformity
  • Forgings chemical analyze: Conformity
  • Specification: Customized
  • technology: forge
  • Dimensions: 3650mm
  • Material: 45# Carbon steel
  • Application: Ship, mechanical equipment, transmission system, etc

The structural design of the shaft is an important step to determine the reasonable shape and all structural dimensions of the shaft. It is related to the type, size and position of the parts, the fixed way of the parts, the nature of the load, the direction, the size and distribution of the load, the type and size of the bearing, the blank of the shaft, the manufacturing and assembly process, the installation and transportation, the deformation of the shaft and so on. The designer can design according to the specific requirements of the shaft, and make a few plans for comparison in order to select the design scheme.

The following is the general shaft structure design principle: 

1.Save the material, reduce the weight, try to use the contour size of the equal strength or the large section coefficient of the cross section shape; 

2.It is easy to locate the shaft parts in a precise position. Stability, assembly, disassembly and adjustment; 

3. adopt various structural measures to reduce stress concentration and enhance strength;

4.facilitate machining and ensure accuracy.

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